Saturday, February 5, 2011


It's been such crazy weather in Australia at the moment. Queensland has been hit by floods and most recently a cyclone. It looks like the weather has now hit us in Victoria too. Last night we had a huge storm with lots of flash flooding and the heavy rain continued overnight. By morning there were lots and lots of flooded roads and access to places had been blocked. We live on the down side of the road so we got a lot of water coming down the driveway. Our stairs turned into a waterfall for the whole night and we had a river running alongside the bedrooms. Luckily though none of the water entered the house. We woke up this morning to discover that just up the road had flooded and access to one side of our road was blocked off. There were cars (yes, cars!) submerged in the water. One was even in up to it's roof.

This is our road where it intersects with a side street. There's a bit of a dip here and it's always been prone to flooding but we've never seen it this bad before!

Check out the car almost submerged in the water - you can just see the roof!

You can see how high the water level is in this picture by the sign.

And some other pictures from around our area. - off Glenfern Road. It looks like these houses will have some water in them :(

Opposite Upper FTG station - the other side of the road was worse!

We have a creek running down the back of our property too which leads into a reserve but luckily it is quite steep down the back and the rising creek doesn't affect our house. The reserve a couple of houses down from us (which the creek runs into) is completely flooded too. Even though it's been a pain having roads blocked off we are very fortunate in that there hasn't been any damage to our house. I can't help but imagine how those in Queensland who have lost everything are feeling right now.

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