Saturday, June 2, 2012

Jacob turns six!

How can it be that my boy is six already?  I can still remember the day we brought this little baby home from the hospital and sat on the couch with him wondering, 'what now?'  Jacob has taught us so much about life and about ourselves.  He is the most amazing little boy.  His passion and excitement over the smallest things has really taught us to appreciate the little things in life.  

He has grown so much over the past year and particularly since starting school.  He is absolutely thriving at school and we are so glad we have chosen to send him through Steiner.  The past couple of months has seen him make amazing progress socially.  He is now interacting with other kids at school instead of playing alone.  He told us the other day that 'J and A are my friends'.  According to his teacher and other kids, A is his girlfriend.  I suspect it's because she has a bit of a mothering personality and Jacob needs that especially considering he lives in his own little world a lot of the time and has a tendency to forget to do things! 

His birthday was particularly special this year as the day before the big day he lost his first tooth!  So on birthday morning he woke up to his birthday and the tooth fairy having visited.  Although exciting, it was also a bit overwhelming for him having so much happen at once!  

We celebrated his birthday with a cake at school and a family dinner on his birthday night.  Then on the weekend we had a birthday party for his friends.  The birthday party went great, and all his friends liked making and decorating wooden cars to take home (got the kits from the Knox Woodworkers Association - they were awesome!)  Here's some photos from his birthday...

The car garage that Chris made - Jacob chose this cake about 3 months before his actual birthday!
Cutting the cake at his party/
Hard at work painting his truck.
The finished truck (he later went back and painted the wheels black ;))

Happy Birthday, big boy! 

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