Sunday, August 26, 2012

Week 34 of Craft Project a week: Fairy skirts

Esme chose to have a fairy party for her birthday this year.  So of course I had to make sure my little fairy was suitably attired.  The first thing to make was a fairy skirt.  I found the tutorial for this skirt and thought it would be a quick and simple fairy skirt to make (little did I know how much trouble it would cause!!)  I decided to make skirts for the girls coming to Esme's party too instead of giving out party bags this year.  

One of the pink fairy skirts all done - they're quite tricky to get a good photo of!
After attempting to follow the original tutorial and making a waistband with the satin and getting incredibly frustrated (I hate sewing with slippery fabrics!!) I decided to make it a little differently and made a wider waist band out of cotton fabric which worked a lot better.  The skirt is basically four squares of different fabrics (I made each square 75cms) placed in an alternating pattern of square then diamond, etc.  A circle is then cut in the middle for the four layers (made to fit the child's waist measurements) and then the waistband sewn around the circle.  I used fray-stop around the edges of the organza and satin layers as they have a tendency to fray.  Once I'd worked out the pattern and the size of the waistband, sewing the skirts together didn't take too long.  Even so, the night before the party found me sewing skirts until 2am in the morning!!

Four party skirts all ready to go!
The skirt is probably a tad too long for Esme at the moment but I figure she'll get lots more use out of it that way!  All the kids were happy with their skirts too which made it all worthwhile. Stayed tuned for the fairy wings ;)

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