Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A basket of vegies

Chris and I have been very busy the last few months sewing some beautiful felt vegetables. We've done three sets now, two to give away for birthday presents, and one for Jacob for his birthday. There is many hours of work (and a lot of love!) put into these baskets of vegies as they are all sewn by hand. We had patterns for most of them but some of them (potato, sweet potato, parnsip and sweet corn) are our own inventions. I am so pleased with how they have turned out. I was getting so sick of all the toy plastic fruit and vegetables we have as they have all just ended up broken and haven't lasted the distance so I'm looking forward to ditching all that stuff and having these instead! Next task: sew some felt fruit (might need to have a couple of months break before we tackle the next lot though!!)

Here's a close up of the different vegies. Can you guess what they all are?

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