Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our new compost

Our new compost bin!

I'm very excited about our new compost! Yeah, I know, not everyone else is going to be as excited about compost as me! I've been on at Chris for ages to make us a new compost bin as the old ones were filling up far too quickly and I'd end up with no where to put the compost - we have a lot of newspaper and hay from the animals that we need to compost.

The old compost bins we used to use - not particularly user-friendly!

The new compost bin is based on the ones that Chris has seen (he used to do a lot of work with biodegradeable plastic and composting including testing of certain products) Although it doesn't look very big in the photos, it is! Each plank of wood can be removed for easy access - it makes turning it a lot easier than the bins we used to use (or so I'm told, I intend to leave it to Chris to turn over ;))

We're looking forward to lots of lovely compost to use on our vegie garden (which, incidentally, has been growing really well!)


Tricia said...

It's lovely! I'd be excited if I was you too ;-)

Can I also about the metal corners? What are they called? They look really neat.

Narelle said...

Thanks Tricia :) Those posts are just from Bunnings (in the timber section). It's called a retaining post system - more information here:

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