Monday, March 28, 2011

Paper Plate Pig

We've started on a a bit of a 'farm theme' lately. I have also been doing this with the students I teach at school. I'm planning on making different farm animals each week with the idea to make a personalised book for the kids when we are finished. We'll see how we go! This week we have been making pigs.

What you will need:

Paper plates
Toilet rolls

Cardboard cut out in the shape of ears
Egg carton

Google eyes

Pipe cleaner

Black Texta
Sticky Tape

How to make it:

Get the kids to paint all the different parts: back of paper plates, both sides of ears, toilet rolls and egg carton.

When dry, poke a hole in the back and put the pipe cleaner in for a tail. Sticky tape in place.

Glue ears onto paper plate then glue plates together. Glue on egg carton for nose and google eyes. Draw on mouth.

Cut slits in both sides of toilet rolls and push the plate into them. Glue into place.

Esme paints her plate - we do painting in the nude around here - it saves a lot of washing!

Sitting at the table together happily making their pig

Jacob glues the eyes on the pig

The kids really enjoyed making these - it held their concentration for ages!

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