Monday, April 11, 2011

Handprint Chicken

With Easter coming up soon, what better thing to make than a chicken? This also ties in with our farm theme. The kids had a great time with this activity. They especially loved having their hands traced around to make the wings and combs and gluing the feathers on to decorate their chicken.

What you will need:

White, red and orange cardboard
Google eyes

How to make it:

Cut out a big circle and a small circle from the white cardboard.

Trace around kid's hands - once on the red cardboard and twice on the white cardboard. Cut out.

Cut out legs and beak from the orange cardboard. Cut out piece for above the beak from red cardboard.

Glue the two circles together. Glue red hand print on top for comb and white hand prints on sides for the wings. Glue legs and face bits on.

Glue feathers on body.

Jacob has his hand traced around to make the chicken's 'wings'

All the bits we need to make a chicken. Jacob can't wait to get started!

Esme glues some eyes onto her chicken

The feathers were a big hit too!

Esme proudly displays her chicken - look at all those different coloured feathers!

Esme was very taken with her finished chicken. It's actually still in one piece so I think that just shows how much she likes it ;)

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