Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hard Rubbish score!

There's been a bit of controversy about people taking things from Hard Rubbish Collections recently. See this article here about an incident that occurred in our very own shire. I don't understand this at all (and it seems many other people who read that story agree with me there!) If something is out for Hard Rubbish Collection it means the owner no longer needs it. Why is it so wrong for someone else to take it and recycle it rather than sending it to the tip to add to landfill?

Anyway, this incident hasn't deterred me for keeping an eye on the Hard Rubbish around here lately. This Cubby House is what I found the other day! Ok, so it's not in the best condition. It has a few cracks and it was missing the screws that hold it together. All easily fixed though. My ingenious husband (I was forced to write that) managed to put it all together with a few drill holes and some cable ties. And the kids love it! So much so that they wanted to eat their dinner in it tonight. Cheap entertainment really. And I love that we didn't fork out a heap of money on something new that they will probably decide they're not interested in in a couple of weeks.

Peeking out the back window!

Look - the windows open and shut!

Do you take things from Hard Rubbish Collections? Have you ever found anything good?


Sue said...

YES absolutely! Of course I do I am like the embarassment to my entire family with this because you see we don't have HR collections in Ballarat, so I come to Melbourne and scrounge from you guys down there, such good stuff getting thrown away and my only limitations from taking anything I find useful are that my car will only fit so much ;)

Narelle said...

Lol Sue, I have to admit I do get a bit embarrassed checking out the hard rubbish but there's too many good things being thrown away for me to let that get in the way! Chris, on the other hand, gets a bit embarrassed. Especially when I make him go and get something for me ;)

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