Saturday, April 16, 2011

Egg Heads

Jacob (and Esme!) were given some wheat from his Kinder teacher as an Easter present. Jacob has been asking to plant it since we got it so today we planted it in some old egg shells. We used some batik eggs that didn't survive after being handled by Esme and a couple of Silkie eggs that had already been blown. We drew some faces on the plain eggs - Jacob chose a happy face and Esme chose a sad face.

We put some cotton wool into the egg shells and then sprayed the cotton wool to make it moist.

In goes the cotton wool.

Esme, concentrating intently on getting the water into her egg shells!

We then placed lots of wheat on top of the cotton wool and gave them a good spray of water.

Putting the wheat into the egg shells.

Lots of fun for the kids to do and very easy! We're all looking forward to watching the wheat grow and seeing our egg heads.

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