Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Teach/Learn

Lots of lovely links to Easter ideas today. It seems like most people are on holidays, so here are lots of things to read and do with kids.

  • Nurturing Forests is wondering about the debate about the celebration of Easter in Long Day Care.
  • She also has the most gorgeous Batik eggs, given my kids’ love of candles we’ll be doing these ones.
  • To make a change from all the lovely decorated eggs, the Science@home girls dissolved egg shells and made Bouncy Eggs.
  • Jeannezoo at Zella Said Purple has Easter with a twist – an art/science project with 4s/5s to “study baskets and anything that carries anything else”. We research items, make lists of features, then design our own “carrier” using paper, tape, cardboard, rope, paint…voila! An Egg Collector Basket for Easter :)

Now you have more than enough to do leading up to Easter, have a great holiday!

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