Monday, February 6, 2012

First day of school

Today my not-so-little boy had his first day of school. He headed off this morning with his bag on his back and a big smile on his face. It seems only yesterday that my baby boy was born. These past five years have flown by so quickly. I'm so proud of the boy he has become.

Both Chris and I were there to see him off on his first day of school. He left our side quickly and easily and was soon involved in drawing with the other kids (I don't think he even noticed we had gone!) The transition to school has been made a lot easier by having most of the same kids from Kinder in class and also having a similar 'routine' as to what he had in Kinder.

Seeing him fit so seamlessly into his new school has made me feel even more certain about our decision to send Jacob through Steiner education. This model of education suits his personality perfectly.

Jacob's bag on his hook with his name on it

Jacob quickly got involved with drawing and didn't even notice us going!

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Tamsenne said...

Thank you for your kind words and beautiful description of our school. I too am blessed to have found this lovely class and to have Jacob who brings so much to our little group.

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