Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week 8 of Craft project a week: More things for the kids!

I finally got around to finishing Jacob's t-shirt this week. He was pretty happy with the end result - a dump truck to match the pants I made for him a couple of weeks ago. I'd forgotten how therapeutic it is to make applique t-shirts (lots of fast, straight stitching on the sewing machine!!)

Jacob in his new dump truck t-shirt

I also made Esme a reversible dress with some gorgeous apple fabric I bought a while back. These pinafores are so easy and quick to make. It literally took me only an evening to sew it all (well apart from the buttons and buttonholes which I did today - I think that's the fiddliest bit of it all!)

The front of Esme's reversible dress - I love this fabric!

The back of Esme's reversible dress - with a little pocket (she loves pockets to collect all her treasures in!)

These pinafores are so flexible too - they can be worn by themselves on a hot day or put with a short sleeved or long sleeved t-shirt for the colder days.

PS. Excuse the cheesy smiles in some of these photos - that's Esme's favourite pose at the moment (at least she's happy to let me take photos of her though!!)

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