Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Easter!

Easter is all about family to us. Now that Jacob is that little bit older this year we had a great time with the whole Easter Bunny thing ;) Here's our Easter in pictures...

Easter Bunny liked the celery and drink we left out for him

And he even left footprints down the hall!

Jacob and Esme discovered the footprints in the morning (Esme liked to taste the footprints - yuk!)

Jacob discovered his present from Easter Bunny (not much chocolate left by Easter Bunny, he left a book for each of the kids and some plastic eggs filled with interesting things!)

Esme discovered a little chicken in one of the plastic eggs, she was so excited!

Jacob and Esme enjoyed having a little taste of chocolate (just a little ;))

And then we had an Easter egg hunt!! Hmmm, what strange places can the eggs be hiding?

We shared lunch with all our family, Nanna & Grandad, Nanny and Pa and Uncle Dave and Auntie Kara. This is the special Easter cake we make each year.

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