Friday, April 9, 2010

Learning to Hop Scotch

It's school holidays here at the moment so we have a bit of spare time to do fun things at home (usually we're so busy running around to all our regular activities!) The other day we headed outside with some chalk to do some drawing on the driveway.

Jacob had a great time, although didn't actually do much drawing himself ('you draw a train, mummy!') I decided to draw him a Hop Scotch and see if he would play that. Both Esme and Jacob enjoyed it (it's funny watching an 18 month old jump with her feet off the ground lol). Jacob even taught himself to hop (well, kind of!)

After we'd played Hop Scotch for a while I decided to try something different and drew a whole heap of circles with the numbers 1-10. Jacob is very good with recognising his numbers so I'd tell him what number circle to jump into and he'd do it. Again, this kept both kids amused for ages!

Jacob decided he wanted to draw his own circles with numbers at the end. This is one of his circles with a number in it. He said it was a one but it looks more like a four to me!

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