Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Homemade jams, and other things!

Here's a collection of some of the jams and other things we have made over recent months. Well, let's be honest, the jams Chris has made because I didn't do much of the cooking!! How I love having a husband who can cook! There is blackberrry, strawberry and apricot jam in this lot along with quince jelly and lemon butter. We've got quite a few jars of each type. I think it'll keep us going for at least a year (although we do give some of them away as presents so they are not all eaten by us!!)

Over the Summer, we went up to the farm and got a whole heap of fresh fruit: berries, strawberries and apricots. My Aunt and Uncle own a farm in Wandin and grow both berries and cherries. I have wonderful Summer memories of picking fruit to earn some money in my late teenage years ;) Then Chris was given some quinces by a work colleague a couple of weeks ago and thought he'd have a go making some quince jelly. According to him it's very yummy but I am yet to try it, the look and smell of those quinces as they were cooking hasn't done anything to tempt me! The lemon butter we usually make when our lemon tree is fruiting but as it hasn't started yet we had to steal them from elsewhere (not saying where ;))

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