Friday, April 2, 2010

Sorting out my fabric stash!

Today I cleared out the plastic drawers we have in our room for Esme's clothes and moved all her stuff to her cupboard in the other room so now I have a set of drawers for all my sewing stuff - yay! This has prompted me to start sorting out all the fabric and bits and pieces that I currently have on the kitchen table (which was starting to take over - can you guess that we don't have much storage space in this house?!!)

Anyway, this drawer is full of fabric that I purchased with projects in mind! Crazy, huh? I tend to visit fabric shops and see all these cute prints and get ideas for what I want to do with everything. Only problem is, I buy all the stuff and then I run out of time to actually do it and then, of course, I see more fabric that I want to do things with so buy more. And the fabric stash keeps growing!!

So, I thought I would set out a list of the things I want to make with all this material here so that whenever I have a moment I can refer to the list and do some creating! So here goes (most of these things will be made for Esme lol):

1. Two twirly skirts (one made from the blue daisy and blue dots material and one from the brown owl and flowery material)

2. Two appliqued tops to match each of the skirts. I got the cutest owl print fabric the other day (don't know if you can really see it in the photo!) that will make a very easy and cute appliqued top!

3. A pinafore dress made from the brown flowery cord.

4. A pair of pants made from the brown flowery cord.

5. A pair of jeans (one for Esme and one for Jacob) with cute prints on the cuffs (I'm thinking the brown owl material for Esme and the vehicles material for Jacob).

6. Appliqued top (for Jacob) to match the cuffs on his jeans.

7. Finish my skirt (make from the brown material with big flowers - all it needs is the button done!!)

That's it for now! I'll be very surprised if I get to the end of the list before Winter finishes (especially considering I'm sewing a whole bunch of felt vegies at the moment for birthday presents!!) but it's nice to dream!


The Mama. said...

I hear you loud and clear... I have pretty much an entire room filled with stuff like that and I just crave the day I get time to actually use it!

AND mum just gropped off an entire giant orange garbage bag full of yarns and fabrics gifted to me from her elderly friend who is cleaning out her cupboards...


One day... :-)

The Mama. said...

by gropped off I mean dropped off ;-)

Narelle said...

Legacy of a Mum, hey?! I still have a whole chest of craft things I haven't even looked at yet, I'm a bit scared to! We don't have a lot of space in our house so I realllly need to use my stuff before I buy more! lol

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