Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our new herb garden in the making

Fresh herbs are always so yummy! In the past we have grown them in window boxes outside but lately they haven't been doing so well in there. It's always been in the plan to set up a herb garden outside but we just never seemed to get around to it (too many other things seem to occupy our time, like raising two kids, one of them a very mischievious and active little girl!) Well, today we picked up some potted herbs from the farmer's market and thought that we'd just bite the bullet and make a herb garden. So we (well, Chris!) scrounged around and found some old pieces of wood lying around and knocked up a planter box of some description. Even he admits that it's not the greatest building work around but hey, it does it's job! We ended up digging up some of the compost we put on the vegie garden last weekend and using that in the box. Lots of worms doing good things to the soil in there, as you can see by the following photos ;)

Here's Jacob and Esme supervising while Daddy digs in the new soil (please excuse Esme's bare bottom, we are pretty much nappy free at home ;))

Worms are sooooo much fun, especially seeing just how far they will stretch! Jacob wasn't so keen to get his hands dirty touching the worms but more than happy for Esme to hold them for him to look at!

The finished product: coriander in the top left (we personally hate coriander but are growing it for the bunnies!), parsley in the top right and lemon thyme and thyme (transplanted from other pots, hopefully they will continue to grow!) down the bottom. We still intend to add some oregano and chives and a bit more parsley (mint is staying in the pot it's already in because it has a tendancy to take over ;)) We already have a rosemary bush that is growing beautifully! The whole box is now covered with some netting mainly because if we don't the possum will eat it or the chooks will scratch it up (you can already see that chook eyeing off her new potential digging patch before I put it on!) I'm quite impressed by the finished product and look forward to watching everything grown (hopefully!)


Sue said...

Wow that looks awesome! I did wonder about the chooks, ok that's a black mark against Chris I am glad I finally found a fault he doesn't like coriander????? What!!!!I love it, it's my favorite herb! Anyway try some sticks at different angles too that will keep the chooks out, I have found they can still get on bird netting and get through it!

Narelle said...

Bleurghhh!!! Coriander! It tastes a little like soap to me. That and lemongrass I can't stand. Can you tell I'm not a big fan of Thai food? lol. Must try the stick thing, I forgot about that! These free ranging chooks *sigh* I think we've lost most of our mulch from the slope because they're constantly digging around in there!

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