Sunday, May 2, 2010

We love Farmer's Markets!

Last week we decided to visit the Mulgrave Farmer's Market for the first time ever, after hearing so many wonderful things about Farmer's Markets in general from friends. And I have to say, I think we are hooked! The freshness of the fruit and veg is just incredible, so different to anything you buy in a shop, even fruit and vegie shops (where I used to do most of my shopping, that's all changed now!!) The savings we made as well were pretty impressive, we probably saved about $10 all up. We've decided to make it a regular family event and go each Sunday from now on. Here's some photos from our visit today.

Jacob and Esme munching on a fresh apple we bought.

Jacob helping Daddy choose some vegies. I hate to admit it, but Esme is a bit of a nightmare around these sorts of stalls. She absolutely HAS to touch, pull, sample, you name it, every vegie she sees!!

Inspecting the 'rhinocerus' at the entrance to the market, the market is held in Mulgrave where the body shop headquarters are.

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