Monday, May 31, 2010

Never too young to teach them!

I truly believe children are never too young to learn about gentle parenting, and of course this includes baby-wearing. Children learn so much from the modelling of behaviour. I like to think my kids are learning gentle parenting just by seeing what we do and by being around families who share similar thoughts.

Esme was given a doll's sling for her first birthday by a friend of ours. She's never been too keen on wearing it, until now! This morning I asked Jacob if he wanted to have a go and of course this inevitably meant that Esme wanted to try it out too. Here's Jacob wearing the doll in the sling (excuse the funny face, making faces when the camera comes out seems to be the 'thing' these days):

And here's Esme wearing 'dolly' She was so excited to have her dolly close to her. It was really funny too, as soon as she had her in the sling she went off and started doing other things. Just like what Mummy used to do when carrying Esme in the sling!

Future baby-wearer in the making, perhaps? ;)


Firemummy said...

Esme's dolly looks like Esme! She's getting way too big...ask her to stop?

Narelle said...

Tell me about it! Although I was looking at T the other day and thinking she doesn't look like a baby anymore she looks like such a little girl! Of course, it doesn't help that she's moving around so much ;)

Narelle said...

PS. Dolly was made by Nanny ;)

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