Sunday, August 29, 2010

Esme is 2!

I can't believe my little girl is two already. It seems only yesterday she was born! In fact, as we were eating dinner the night of her birthday I was remembering her birth. She was born at 6.48pm on the 27th of August at home. I was sitting in front of the window just opposite the dining room. My doula and midwife had only just arrived and were setting up and Jacob was sitting at the table eating his dinner. I was mostly zoned out but I remember him making these silly piggy noises and everyone laughing at him. Esme was born not much later, she came quite quickly and surprised everyone (myself included!) It was such a beautiful moment and I have such beautiful memories of her birth. Click here if you want to read her full birth story but be warned, it's very long!!

Here are some pictures of our day

Opening presents. Chris and I made some felt fruit for Esme (more on that later!) Esme was so taken by it that she thought she'd like to have a bite of the banana!

Birthday cupcakes! I don't think Esme ate any of the cake, just the icing!

Happy Birthday to my not so little girl!

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