Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kinder excursion on Puffing Billy

Yesterday we went on Puffing Billy for a special Kinder excursion. We are so fortunate to have Jacob's Kinder close to Puffing Billy. Every time we go to Kinder on Thursday we have to wait till we see Puffing Billy cross the road before we go in. Jacob's Kinder teacher went away for a few weeks at the start of this term and she promised the kids that they would have a special trip on Puffing Billy when she returned. So yesterday we finally go to do it (after having it postponed the previous Monday because of horrible weather!)

We got on the station at Menzies Creek and travelled to Emerald Lake where we shared lunch with the other Kinder children before the trip back. Jacob absolutely loves Puffing Billy so this trip was very special. He stood up at the window and watched the scenery go past. He wasn't quite brave enough to sit at the window - although Esme was!!

Here's Jacob looking very excited about it all! He is already asking when we're going on Puffing Billy again!

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Nadiah said...

Oh wow... I lived in Melbourne before primary school, and my parents took me to ride Puffing Billy a few times. That brought back memories - thanks for sharing the story.

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