Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Esme's favourite phrase

'May May do it'

This is the phrase we are hearing most at the moment!

I love that my little girl is gaining her independence but oh my goodness, it is frustrating! She insists on doing everything herself. This includes putting her clothes on, getting into her carseat, carrying things, etc. Being so little, she isn't always capable of what she wants to do and sometimes we don't always have time to let her do what it but if you try to stop her all hell breaks loose!

While we are on the topic as well, I am completely amazed at what she can actually do. Things that Jacob wouldn't have been able to do at that age and, in some cases, still can't do! Esme can just about dress herself at the moment, she can even get legs into pants and (generally) put them on the right way. Jacob still needs help to do it at his age! I think we just have one kid who does everything quicker than others and one who does things a little slower. Nothing wrong with either of course, and we love them both them same ;) It's just interesting to observe those differences.

I know that this time will pass by very quickly so, in the meantime, I am trying to embrace my little girl's growing independence. And perhaps it's a good lesson for me too: to take life a little slower ;)

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Megan said...

Oh, I hear you! Abbey's saying: 'I do, I do' all the time lately and becomes furious if I try to help her. I'm more than happy for her to learn to do things, but sometimes it just isn't possible. Like the time she decided she was ready to cross the road without holding hands. Um, I don't think so!

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