Monday, August 2, 2010

World Breastfeeding Week!

World Breastfeeding Week this year is the 1st-7th of August. In honour of the event, I am sharing some of my favourite breastfeeding pictures. I just wish we'd taken more of Jacob breastfeeding when he was younger, there seems to be a lot of Esme!

Jacob wearing his t-shirt: 'I love my mummy's milk. Not just milk from any old cow'

Esme's first breastfeed

Professional pic of feeding Esme at 6 months

Tandem feeding Jacob, 2 years 9 months and Esme, 6 months

Breastfeeding in the snow

Another tandem feeding shot, Jacob 3 years 3 months and Esme, 12 months

Breastfeeding at the beach

At the Boardwalk at the Nobbies, Phillip Island

Smiley girl!


Sazz said...

Those photos are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

UU Happy World Breastfeeding Week UU

Sue said...

I love the last one Ivé been the recipient of simular smiles myself, they have to laugh but they just don't quiet want to let that nipple go, lol. I think that would look nice in Essence.

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