Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sometimes I don't like my kids

There. I said it. So whatcha gonna do about it?

We all know being a parent is hard. Some days can be bliss but other days can be downright hard. Today was one of those days here. It was like the kids were on some kind of mission to do every single thing they could to annoy me. And I really did not like them one little bit. Here's how our day went just so you can see where I'm coming from:

The kids discovered the 10 or so sauce bottles left over from a fundraising BBQ we'd had for our ABA group and proceeded to open and empty out every.single.bottle into the container of wheat we keep for the chooks. I didn't discover this until they came round the book filthy dirty and I smelt the sauce on them. Cue screaming banshee Mother. Actually, I thought I was remarkably composed compared to what I normally am. I have been known to completely lose my cool and smack (yes I know - I'm not particularly proud of this fact either. It's not really the way I want to parent!) This time there was a fair bit of yelling and then I sent the kids off to their rooms so I could have time to calm down.

At lunchtime, the kids took great pleasure making towers with their crockery and cutlery and letting the towers crash to the ground. This also involved lots of yelling and shouting while I tried to get Gideon to sleep.

Jacob managed to get the food for his sea monkeys wet and crushed up the packet on purpose. When I told him that he wouldn't have any food for his sea monkeys and that they were going to die he screamed at me. Huh? Why am I the bad guy when he was the one who crushed up the packet?!

Next on the 'annoy Mummy to bits list' was flinging clean washing from the basket around the couches and then proceeding to drop the basket off the couch onto Gideon's head while they jumped around the couches.

Later that afternoon, I found the kids outside again squeezing out the sauce bottles they had already taken the lids off. They had also painted the car with said sauce as well. Seriously, what is with that? They got in so much trouble for doing this before and then they do it again?!

After that they used the shade sail over their wading pool as a convenient 'slide' to put anything they could get their hands on down (watering can, buckets, outside toys, dustpan, you name it!) This would have been fine apart from the fact that there is a slope with metre tall blackberries at the end of it and we had to retrieve it all from the blackberries.

When Chris arrived home we discovered that the kids had been digging in his pots of carnivorous plants and pulled out/destroyed an entire pot (we've already covered most of the pots with cloth so they can't do this!) Very mad Daddy here.

So, you can see, we've had a super day here ;)

You're probably wondering why I'm writing this post. I guess it's to point out that being a parent is damn hard work sometimes. We don't have to pretend that every day is awesome and that we love being a parent. Because sometimes it's not. Sometimes I don't like being a parent. And sometimes I don't like my kids at all. But regardless of what my kids do, I still love them. I may not like what they do sometimes but at the end of the day, I love them and I love being their Mother. Now I think I shall go and look at my peaceful, sleeping kids so I can remember them that way ;)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your honest post today. I am a long time reader but have never commented before. I have enjoyed your recent journey with Gideon and love the information that you are sharing about your attachment parenting ways. I have many days when I don't like my children but I love them enough to keep going and look forward to the next fun times. It's hard to admit that though when motherhood is the only job I ever wanted! Hoping for more fun for you all tomorrow.

Narelle said...

You're welcome :) We could all pretend motherhood is great all the time but we all know that it ain't! I love that even among the horrible times there are still good moments though. Even though they were being horrible that day Esme said something really cute that made me smile - makes it all worth it! And thank you for being a reader of my blog (sometimes I just feel like I'm talking to myself on here ;))

Sue said...

I am often known to say to mine"I love you I HATE your behaviour"! Although once I did get immature - I know hard to believe ;) and yelled "I hate you"! Maybe it was the up and coming full moon that caused them to be a little devilish?

Narelle said...

I've been known for saying horrible things to my kids in the heat of the moment, Sue. I hate that I do it but it just comes out! Lately I'm been trying to keep calm and if I don't manage that, at least apologizing to the kids afterwards for what I have said/done and letting them know it's not right.

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