Sunday, January 22, 2012

Week 3 of Craft project a week - Suck pads for slings

Gideon loves to suck on the sling at the moment which results in one very wet sling. I don't like to wash the Ergo too regularly so suck pads seemed like a really good idea. I'd seen them being sold before but decided they would be easy (and cheap!) enough for me to make myself. I experimented with making some a couple of months ago which turned out well. The suck pads I made this week are the end results of my experimentations.

These suck pads are made with a cotton layer, a layer of bamboo and backed with PUL (to stop the dribble soaking through). They have three snaps to hold them together (hooray for finally being able to use my snap machine for something - I purchased it ages ago when I was going to start sewing nappies - and never did!) Each suck pad measures approximately 15x23cms.

'Cat in the Hat' suck pads - shown folded up and as a whole

Dr Seuss suck pads - shown folded up and as a whole

Owl suck pads - shown folded up and as a whole

I ended up making 6 pairs of suck pads as I'd had some friends express interest in buying some. I'm hoping to actually sell these when/if I do get my own business up and running this year. If anyone is interested in buying some I'm selling them for $10 a pair. I can make in the same fabric as above or else I have some other cute fabrics that can be used as well.

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