Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 4 of Craft project a week: shirred dresses

I discovered shirring a couple of years ago and love the effect it gives. It is, however, quite tedious sewing - lots and lots of sewing straight lines! I can't work out how to do shirring on my sewing machine either so I have to borrow my Mum's old trusty Janome so I can adjust the tension manually. Despite all this, I decided to make a couple of shirred dresses for Esme this week as she needed some more Summer dresses.

Spotty dress with shirred pockets and cross over straps

Plain Tie-dyed dress (this is the only 'tie-dyed' material I could find at Spotlight - need to invest in some proper tie-dyed stuff!)

My little model is now sleeping in bed so I can't take any pictures of her in the tie-dyed dress - hopefully it fits ok ;)

This week completes a month of making something every week - I'm quite proud of that achievement. Now just to see if I can keep it up once holidays are over and life gets hectic again!!

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