Friday, June 18, 2010

Do you like to baby wear?

I wrote this poem some time ago, as an entry for a competition. I meant to share it here a while ago but forgot all about it until today. So here is my baby wearing poem...inspired by Dr Seuss (just in case you can't tell!)

Do you like to baby wear?
We do! We do! We like it here.

I have done it on a bus,
It didn’t cause a lot of fuss.
No heavy prams to lift or fold,
On my back I like to hold.

Would you, could you, on a train?
What would you think about a plane?
I have done it in these places.
’cause for a pram there’s not much spaces!

I have done it at some rallies,
About homebirth mamas and pregnant bellies.
Cradled to my chest I need not worry,
About my daughter amongst the flurry.

What about on holiday,
It really is the only way.
Pram wheels won’t get stuck,
On all that sand and muck.

I have done it at the shops,
Waiting in line it is just tops!
In the sling, I can feed my baby,
And she’ll go to sleep, maybe!

Really, there’s no other way,
To baby wearing we say ok!

Just in case you're interested, I did score a pair of baby legs for my effort. Unfortunately not the main prize which was an Ergo but the person who won was a good friend of mine so I was somewhat mollified!

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