Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Jacob turned four last Monday. It's hard to believe that our little boy is growing up so quickly! Although he kept reminding us how old he was going to be for weeks leading up to his birthday this year! 'Jacob's going to be four!' we heard numerous times complete with holding up four fingers.

We celebrated his birthday by sharing some birthday cupcakes and dinner with Nanna and Grandad the night before

Then on the Monday he got his present from us. A basket of felt vegies that Chris and I had made (which he absolutely loved!), some wooden food and a wooden microwave.

On the Sunday we had Nanna and Granddad come round and our good friends, Lisa, Andrew, Ella and Bethany. Chris made a wonderful Thomas cake which Jacob (and Esme) were very excited about!

The birthday celebrations went on for quite a while this year! Jacob also enjoyed celebrating his birthday at kinder too this year.


Sue said...

Nice cake he looks like a happy birthday boy! How did you get the Thomas face exactly looking the same as Thomas?

Narelle said...

Ahhh, that's a secret ;) Not really...We had instructions for doing the face but they were kind of complicated! In the end we used a Thomas toy that we had and Chris made a playdough mould from it for the face and wheels. Then put the icing in and it worked perfectly! So much easier than doing it the other way!

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