Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why can't I just do nothing?

Pre-kids I had no problems sitting around all day in my pyjamas, watching TV, reading, doing nothing or just generally ignoring the mess that was building up around me. Given, this was only in the school holidays or on the weekends as I worked as a teacher the rest of the time, but still, it didn't bother me.

These days, I just can't seem to sit still! I always seem to be doing a hundred different tasks at once and when I'm not I'm looking around thinking about everything that needs to be done. Sometimes I wish I could just take some time out and sit quietly to read but I just can't.

I honestly think it's having kids that has done this to me. I'm become used to having to rush around to get jobs done while the kids are happy or playing quietly and it's just become instinct to do this now. Kind of like getting used to eating fast because you have to attend to a baby (I am getting better at eating slower now lol!) Even when I'm home by myself or have Chris home to share the load I still get like this.

And another thing, I get antsy if the house isn't tidy or in order. I think this is because I'm home all the time so I see the mess and it's not pleasant to look at! It used to be my classroom that I was concerned about looking tidy and clean but now that I am a SAHM it's naturally transferred to home! I remember when both Chris and I were at work we'd come home and cook dinner and then leave all the dishes from the week's dinners until the weekend to clean up. Ewww, yuck! I couldn't imagine doing that now!

I think I must drive poor Chris mad. On the weekends when he is home I get a little stressed that things aren't exactly as I like them. Chris does lots of cooking on the weekends (which I am definately not complaining about!) but he doesn't clean up as he goes (and being a typical male doesn't notice that the kitchen looks like a bombsite!)

I'm trying to be less neurotic about stuff. I really am. And I am getting better at being more relaxed about things on the weekend, even I can't be during the week!

How about you? Do you find you are more 'house proud' since being at home more? Or has it worked the opposite way?

Oh, and for the record, I do still end up in pyjamas for half the day sometimes. Except usually it means that I have gotten the kids dressed, cleaned up the kitchen, hung out a load of washing, fixed the animals up, vacumned the floors, and so on before I've given a thought to getting myself dressed ;)


Megan said...

The way you've changed makes more logical sense, but I've actually gone the opposite way!

When I worked full-time my house was impeccable. Now - not so much. I just don't seem to notice it when I'm around it all the time!

Sue said...

I used to be really, really manically tidy, to the point no one could mess with my carpet ends or I would have a meltdown and no one was allowed to walk on the thick rug for fear of carpet footprints, lol. I am definetly less worried about mess but I do find I am cleaning all day simply because re kids I wasn't ever home and now there are 5 people in a and out all day, plus a house rabbit, wood being brought in more often and dogs in and out so it kind of has to to be sweep at least twice a day and vacuamed everyday.

Kerry said...

Totally agree! The longest I leave a sink full of dirty dishes is probably from breakfast until lunch; anymore than that & it drives me nuts. Although I have learnt that it is utterly futile to pack up the kids toys until at least the end of the day; goodnes knows I wouldn't have a minute to myself if I let that get to me! I think having kids really does "force" you to be more organised. Not that I'm complaining!!! Isn't there an old saying that goes something like this: "Cleanliness is next to Godliness". Not that I'm in any way religious but any help I can get has to be an advantage!!!

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