Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Printing with vegies

Today we did some printing with vegies. A very simple and fun activity to do with the kids! All that was required was to cut up some vegies. I used orange, apple, onion, carrot, sweet potato and potato because I thought they would make interesting patterns for the kids. I cut a triangle and a square into the potato just for something different as well (Jacob was very taken with those ones!) This is a photo of the cut up vegies before we started our activity.

I poured some paint onto a sponge for the kids to dip the vegies into and let them loose on a big sheet of paper outside (making sure they were wearing their trusty puddlewear!)

Lots of different shapes were made by pressing the vegies on to the paper. We had circles from the carrot and orange, ovals from the sweet potato, stars from the apples and of course the triangle and the square from the potatoes. The onion made very pretty rings as well. It turned out to be a good educational activity for the kids! As we were doing the printing Jacob was telling me the shapes that were being made from each vegie.

As you can see, a nice big mess at the end of it all! But the kids enjoyed it (Esme also enjoyed upending the bucket of soapy water I had put out for the clean up all over herself too!!) and we now have some pretty wrapping paper ;)

Stay tuned for next week's tactile activity...

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Megan said...

Great idea!

I was reading this thinking, you should link this up with Childhood 101's We Play... you must have read my mind!!

Narelle said...

Lol Megan, I've been looking at the childhood 101 blog for ages, thinking I should join in. Just never got around to it till now! I need to get my blog out there a bit I think because I love getting comments but rarely do :(

Anonymous said...

That is great fun :) Love seeing the happy smiles and so much space to work in :)

I did a post recently about making paint out of pureed vegetables, flour and water :) We'd started out trying to draw the patterns in fruit and vegetables but my girls wanted to use the fruit and veg to paint with instead.

Anonymous said...

I keep wanting to do this, but then I look at my vegies and think "I need to eat them!" LOL

I think the best time for me to do this would be the day before market day so I don't feel so guilty about it, because it looks so fun and I'm sure we would get lots of discussion from the different prints made.

Ok ... you've twisted my arm! :P

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

Oh, thank you for the reminder, we haven't done this for the longest time and it makes such beautiful prints.

Sue said...

Some of the more unusual fruits like star fruit would make awesome prints, do you buy a massive roll of paper from the newspaper people? I got a large rool with the intend of the kids painting amd me getting paper out of it and it only cost $4! Wrapping paper is a disguisting rip off so great idea!

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