Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mix & Mess

Today we had lots of fun making a BIG mess with rice and pulses! We started with four containers. One container of rice. One container of chickpeas. One container of barley and one container of soup mix. We also had various kitchen utensils, a funnel, cups and a water wheel.

It didn't take long for the kids to get stuck in to it! Esme started off with the kitchen utensils in the containers: stirring, mixing, scooping.

But the water wheel was the favourite of the day! The kids enjoyed experimenting with how things moved through it. Rice and chick peas needed a bit of a push to get through but barley and the soup mix went straight through. Jacob even experimented with putting the funnel at the top of the water wheel (it didn't really help anything move through any better ;))

Getting in to a BIG mess!! This is not an activity that should be conducted if you don't intend to vacumn afterwards. Esme started throwing everything around in the end so we had rice and pulses absolutely everywhere! It did however keep them entertained for ages so I can't really complain!

Luckily, Jacob happily used the vacumn to clean up after himself!

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shae said...

Where would we be without vacuum cleaners!

Sparkling Adventures said...

Or do you have chooks you could bring indoors to clean up for you?

Narelle said...

Lol, we do have chook actually! Although I can imagine they would make more of a mess pooping everywhere! The kids would think it was hilarious though lol

Anonymous said...

My girls either scream and run from the vacuum cleaner or sit on the floor in front of it 'feeding Jim the vacuum cleaner' - yeah they named the vacuum Jim :D

Anonymous said...

Is everyone making soup, and that's why the kids want to play with the pulses too?

I think we need to buy some and get some of that pulsating action LOL!

Tinkerbell's Treehouse said...

We played this indoor activity too - the vacuum is certainly handy for cleaning up those little grains!!
The only negative I found is that now all the grains are mixed up - will the kids find it as fun next time???? fingers crossed.... :)

SquiggleMum said...

That's the second post I've read today about kids playing with rice and pulses! Ok, ok, I'm getting the hint. Time to get some rice out for play :-)

CatWay said...

definitely mix and mess! Vacuuming would be an added bonus for my sons, they love to vacuum - I don't know why. I tried our first indoor sensory tub this week with a mix of rainbow bits and pieces, maybe I'll be brave and use rice next.

Christie - Childhood 101 said...

We love this type of sensory play, in fact I have prepared tomorrow's We Play post on just that! LOL Great minds think alike.

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