Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The up-side of not being pregnant right now

*We can get our new veggie garden built and plant it out with veggies.

*I can get lots more sewing done and lots more little creations for Esme made.

*I can look at starting up a business selling my creations.

*There's the option of me going back to work next year part time next year on a permanent basis (still have to discuss that with the school though!)

*If I do go back to work, this will mean we will have a little more money to play around with so can 'treat' ourselves a bit more!

*Hopefully this will mean that Esme is sleeping a little better and not breastfeeding so much at night ;)

*I can use the mooncup that I'm intending to purchase ;)

*The kids will be that little bit older by the time the next baby comes along, hopefully a little more independent so that we avoid the struggles we had with Jacob when Esme came along.

*I can enjoy watching my kids grow and learn new things while not feeling sick or tired from being pregnant or having a newborn!

*I can enjoy organising fun activities for my kids and playing with them (see my 'Tactile Tuesday' posts)

*I can enjoy some pampering and time for myself now that the kids are older.

*We can enjoy special family outings and holidays together!

Can you tell I am trying to convince myself?! Actually, I'm quite impressed with that long list so I'm feeling a little better already.


Lirio Jaguar said...

Yay for the Mooncup!
This week I'm doing 'the upside of being one horse down''s definitely cheaper...that's as far as I got...
Well, now I'm just on tenterhooks waiting for this business to start up! Hey, the tax office is running free tax seminars for small business in Wantirna in August...FREE, I tells ya! So, get an ABN, girly :)

Sue said...

You forgot one. You can more easily have me time for yourself. I know it's hard with 2 young kids and you do so much with them but time alone is nice too and you can more easily grab a hour or 2 with no baby at present. When the baby comes you put that aside and of course enjoy the moment, but if your looking for reasons that can be another!

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