Saturday, June 26, 2010

Family Fun Day at Healesville Sanctuary

We spent today at the Healesville Sanctuary for a family fun day organised for friends of the zoo members. Mum and Dad gave us membership to FOTZ as a Christmas present last year and it has been the best present ever! FOTZ membership entitles us to free entry at both the Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary and Werribee Zoo. We've already been to the Zoo a few times and have been able to be involved in special activities there. It's great not feeling like you have to visit every part of the zoo in a day to get your money's worth!

It was kind of a chilly day to be out and about at Healesville today though! It was overcast, cold and rain ended up setting in about lunchtime. Nonetheless, we still managed to have an enjoyable day. There were organised activities for the kids (face painting, badge making and story telling) and a sausage sizzle lunch. Jacob was adamant that he didn't want his face painted though And then Esme aborted attempts to paint her face mid way through. Luckily, Daddy was brave enough to get his face painted (as you can see in the photos below!). We didn't actually get around to see many animals as we ended up leaving just after lunch but we still saw kangaroos, platypus, reptiles and emus. And we got to see the Birds of Prey show which Esme absolutely loved (Jacob, on the other hand, was a little concerned about the low swooping birds!) Here are some photos of our day.

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Sue said...

Looks cold, but fun! I love the Sanctuary we went there earlier this year, a lovely day out.

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