Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Breastfeeding 'dolly'

I mentioned the other day about Esme breastfeeding her dolly but not being quick enough to get the camera in time. Well, I finally captured a photo of her the other day! Isn't she cute? ;)

I love that Esme is growing up seeing that breastfeeding is the natural and normal way to feed a baby. I don't think she would even have any idea how to feed dolly with a bottle as she hasn't really been exposed much to bottle feeding. We don't own any toy bottles ourselves and most of our friends breastfeed as well.

It's funny, whenever I go to an ABA event where there are children, I see a lot of these children incorporating breastfeeding into their play, rather than bottle feeding. It really goes to show that children learn these sorts of things from a very young age and it's important to have positive breastfeeding role models around them from very young so that they grow up knowing that breastfeeding is a natural part of life.

Children who grow up surrounded by positive breastfeeding role models are more likely to be successful at breastfeeding/supportive of breastfeeding. I love that I am teaching my daughter this very important lesson.


Lirio Jaguar said...

Oscar has breastfed his toy animals and even...his cousins! THey lie down for each other when they're playing babies and mummies, or, as he does with my NZ niece, when they're playing mummy cat and baby cat :) He's gonna be one hell of a supportive partner when his time comes, and so resourceful!

Princess Jo said...

I used to breastfeed my dollies of the many benefits of growing up in a pro-breastfeeding family (including extended family)!

I have a nearly identical pic tucked away somewhere! Too cute!


Narelle said...

Hehehe, that's gorgeous, Izzy! As well as being a supportive partner, he's also going to have a very knowledgeable mummy about breastfeeding as well ;)

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