Saturday, July 31, 2010

Making numeracy resources for young children (part I)

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about making literacy resources for young children. I thought I would share some of the numeracy resources I have made as well for those that are interested.

I already mentioned the books I make featuring simple number rhymes and puppets to go with them. Here are a couple more from the collection. We have quite a few that all sit on the bookshelf. The kids are always pulling them out to play, they especially love the puppets in them at the moment!

Simple counting books are great too. The 'Numbers' book features numbers that have velcro on them so they can be removed and put in the right spot by the child. Each page has pictures to match the number.

'Frog on a rock' is also a simple counting book but a bit more fun for the kids. It's the story of a frog and what he likes to eat. Each page has a different number (1-10) and features a different insect. The insects are attached by velcro so kids can remove them and put them in as you read.

Learning about colours is important too. Simple colour books can be great! The 'Rainbow book' is a book with a different colour on each page. There's a variety of different objects on each page which are attached by velcro. Kids can help to match the coloured objects up to the right page. On the last page is the rainbow song (I'm sure lots of you will remember this from your childhood like me ;))

'Monster, Monster' is a bit of a fun book. It features a recurring rhyme about a monster and what he wants for lunch but also teaches kids about colours. Kids can choose what colour object they want the monster to eat. You can then flick to the last page (see bottom photo) and let them choose the right coloured object. It always get a bit of a laugh as the monster gives a big burp (I used to record a burp on a switch when I was teaching at the special school so the kids who were non verbal could also participate ;))

Can you tell I like making these books? ;) Stay tuned for my next installment of making numeracy resources for young children.

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