Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My little girl is in undies!

For almost a week now, Esme has been wearing undies. It's not such of a big deal really because she's been using the potty/toilet at home for a couple of months now. I've been the one who's been a bit reluctant to put her in undies to go out just in case she has an accident! Last week she showed us she was ready to take the next step though when she came home, took off her pants and nappy and proceeded to sit on the potty and do a wee. I have to say, I am very excited. It will be lovely to have a break from washing nappies before the next baby comes along!

Esme is a lot younger than Jacob was when he started wearing undies and I guess still quite young in the whole scheme of things (she is 22 months). I really believe that using elimination communication with her has contributed to a lot of this early 'toilet training' success though. For the first 6 months of her life we were quite diligent about EC but started to slack off a bit after this. Although she always been mostly nappy free at home anyway (thank goodness for floorboards!)

I do find that I am still having to read Esme's signs of needing to go to the toilet (as we did with EC) when we are out and about as she tends to get a bit distracted by everything. I will spare you the details of telling you what her signs are though ;)

You can read more about elimination communication here

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Megan said...

Yay! That's so exciting!

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