Saturday, July 31, 2010

Making numeracy resources for young children (part II)

Following on from my last post, these are some of my other ideas for numeracy resources at home.

Homemade skittles are great for teaching numbers (and also just for playing with ;)) I fill them with lots of different things including coloured water, pasta, rice, flour, etc, and print number labels to contact on them. Jacob loves playing with them (as you can probably tell from the photo below!) I have to add a dislaimer though: we did NOT drink all these bottles of soft drink in one go, they were collected over many, many years!!

Matching coloured pegs to colours on a card. These cards are laminated so they don't get too ratty, the pegs are cheap plastic ones from Bunnings.

Threading coloured pasta onto string to teach colours. It's easy to make coloured pasta. All you need to do is put it in a bag with a little bit of food colouring and some metho, rub it around then take it out to let it dry for a while.

Hope you enjoy all these activities :)

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