Friday, July 9, 2010

Creepy crawlies

It's amazing what you can discover in the backyard when you take the time to look. The other day we tidied up the woodpile and, much to the delight of the kids, discovered a multitude of bugs. We found slaters, worms, slugs, cockroaches, millipedes, snails, beetles, and the catch of the day, a little skink which the kids thought was fabulous! It was a great learning experience for the kids as they got to look at and touch all the different things.

We found lots and lots of slaters crawling on the log. There were also some cockroaches and stripey millipedes to look at too.

Daddy found a worm and gave it to Jacob to hold. Interestingly enough, Esme was a little cautious about holding the worm this time. In the past, she's always been the first to do this sort of stuff! We also gave some worms to the chookies who we know like to eat them ;)

Jacob pointed out a slug. Of course, both kids had to have a closer inspection. Ewww, it's slimy!

We found a snail, and shortly after that an empty snail shell which the kids both had a hold of. We talked about how snails needed their shells to live in and looked at the pretty patterns on it.

Then Daddy found a little skink. It moved very quickly so we had to be quick to catch it! It was interesting to look at the little toes on the skink and to feel it's cool, smooth skin. The kids didn't get much of a chance to touch it though before it wanted to escape ;)

Next time you're out in the garden with the kids, why not take a closer look under some rocks and logs and see what creepy crawlies you can find?

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