Sunday, July 4, 2010

Finding time to do the things you love

With two young kids, I struggle to get anything done. Somedays it feels like I spend the whole day just keeping up with the household chores. There's always something to do around the house. Washing. Vacumning. Cleaning bathrooms. Emptying dishwashers. Tidying up after the kids. You get the general idea! I try to keep up with everything each day because I know that, if I don't, I will just end up with a bigger workload the next day!

Unfortunately, this kind of thinking doesn't really allow me much time to do the things I love. Like sewing. About a year or so ago I started to really get into sewing and I have been enjoying making some cute clothes for Esme (and a few for me too). I hadn't really done much lately though because I've be so focused on the everyday tasks that need to be done. It's been about a month since I last got around to sewing which made me a little sad.

This weekend I decided that I was definately going to find time to do some sewing. And I did! I ended up finishing a little cordoroy dress for Esme and have almost finished making a pair of matching pants as well (I'll post some pictures when the pants are finished). I purposely made the choice to ignore the mess that was rapidly piling up around me. Not an easy thing to do but I had decided that it was time to put the things I love doing ahead of all the other dreary household jobs. And I feel so much better for having made the time to do something for myself too!

And you know the best bit about it all? The house didn't fall apart without me doing all these things! Sure, it required a bit of work to get it back to a clean state on Sunday afternoon. But it was worth it in the end :)


Lirio Jaguar said...

I baked Anzacs tonight, knowing the floor needed mopping, loungeroom tidied from toys and books etc...was worth it! Didn't get round to oiling that new bridle, but doesn't matter (we won't have a horse that fits it tomorrow, but my belly wanted bikkies NOW). Can't wait to see some creations!

Sue said...

I do this often lately, my health is way more important to me than a tidy house so Ivé found the time to get fit lately and my garden which was getting neglected brings me such peace when I am out there I also decided I could sweep and vucuam in the evening when I can't garden rather than waste recious garden daylight hours! Thanks for the reminder!

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