Sunday, September 5, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We're having a quiet Father's Day at home this year. Although I did send Chris off to the Farmer's Market with the kids this morning and have set him to work hanging picture frames this afternoon! So, it hasn't been that relaxing for him ;)

For us, Father's Day and Mother's day are special days, set aside for celebrating the important role we have in our children's life. I think it's so easy to forget this in everyday life. We get so busy that we don't appreciate it. Having a day that is dedicated to remembering this is important. I can't say I go in much with the consumerism that go into these days though. That's why we choose to make things with the kids to give each other on these days. It's something that the kids can be involved in and they understand that they are making something special for us which makes them very proud.

Last year we made a t-shirt for Chris for Father's day which was lots of fun. This year was a challenge trying to think of something original that both the kids and Chris would like and could enjoy together. Here is what I came up with:

It's a photo puzzle!

It was a relatively easy thing to make (apart from the stress that trying to print photos at the last minute and getting them the right size caused - but we won't talk about that!) All I did was take 16 wooden cubes (ours measured 3x3cms but bigger ones would work just fine), painted them, then attached a photo to two sides of the block with double sided tape. The next bit, cutting the photo for each block, was a bit fiddly but ok. I think it turned out quite well. What do you think?

Daddy and Jacob had lots of fun fitting it all together!

Happy Father's Day to all the other Dad's out there!

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Kate said...

What a fantastic idea, Narelle! Love it.

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