Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kids and kids

Every year in September, our ABA group has a family BBQ at one of our member's homes. This particular family own a goat farm in Wandin. It's the perfect time of year for visiting because it's baby goats season! The kids love going down to the paddock and chasing and cuddling all the baby goats (and so does Mummy! Well, not so much the chasing business!)

I only got a few photos this year as it was just me with the children and it was a tad hard coordinating camera with trying to keep baby goats on children's knees. There were so many baby goats, including twins that had been born that very morning. They were so cute and soft!

I was a little disappointed that Oscar didn't get up to the antics he had last year though. That gave us all a good laugh!

To top off our afternoon we saw a beautiful complete rainbow as we walked back up from the paddock.

Now, I'm dreaming of a farm life!

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