Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Musical glasses

Today we did a different sort of tactile activity. This time focusing on sound. We filled some glasses with different levels of water and created our own musical instrument! Each glass made a different sound when it was hit with a pencil. The kids really enjoyed this activity. Check out how much fun they had.

Not only did they enjoy listening to the different sounds the glasses made they also enjoyed making the different coloured water and pouring it into each glass. Then Jacob helped to line up the glasses from fullest to emptiest. So many learning opportunities!

Just a note: the glasses actually made a better sound when Mummy hit them ;) But I think the difference in sound is still demonstrated quite well when the kids did it. And they were happy with the sound which is all that really matters in the end!

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amandab said...

I love that you used different colours as well (sometimes having a more vivid visual clue to difference helps the littlies). I have started collecting some glass jars (I don't have many glasses as someone broke them all. Someone not being either me or Princess!), so will have to do this once we have enough jars :)

Narelle said...

Amanda, that's why we have 4 glasses the same and two different ;) I will have to pick some more glasses up from the op shop! We started this activity off with jars but found that glasses made a much better sound, I think the tops of the jars made the sound a little duller (I'm sure there's a scientific reason but I'll be damned if I know!)

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